Best Programming Languages of 2021

Almost all of the digital tools we use nowadays are created using modern programming languages. Applications are constructed using front-end and back-end coding and these two need to work in unison in order to have a fully functioning app. 

You need a front-end that users can understand clearly and a back-end that executes commands correctly. Because almost any business needs a website or a platform, they need a developer, meaning this is a highly sought-after profession. If you are thinking of becoming a developer here are a few languages you should look into and choose for your specialty.

HTML and CSS  

When we talk about creating websites the two heavily used languages are HTML and CSS. These are used to create front-end elements, and they are basically a necessity for any web developer. They are also not necessarily too difficult and you can find a lot of support online if you get stuck.

Java and JavaScript  

For those of you who wish to do app development for Android and iOS, then you will have to learn Java most likely. This is a language officially recognized by Google as their standard coding language. JavaScript is a bit different and it is used for creating event-based logic, which makes it very versatile when it comes to making some dynamic features or functionalities of the app. It is also often used for creating web-based applications so you will likely rely on HTML and CSS in conjunction with JavaScript. 


Ruby is a beginner-friendly programming language that is also known as OOP or object-oriented programming. This makes it easier to understand and navigate and applying fixes will also be straightforward. However, OOP has certain limitations so mid-size businesses and bigger corporations don’t heavily rely on it. 

It is also struggling to stay relevant with all of the new and emerging technologies, so it’s hard to say how long this language will last. That being said, it’s definitely useful and it can serve as an ego boost for beginners to let them know that coding might not be as difficult as they thought. 


Another very user-friendly language and it is often recommended to beginners. This is because the syntax is similar to the English language and it is also very versatile. Once again, you can find a lot of support online for this programming language and it’s been used to create some of the most popular sites like Instagram. 


If you wish to work on video games, 3D, 2D, or even VR experiences you will need to learn C# and C++. Both of them are C-based languages which are one of the old school coding languages that in a way withstood the test of time. Devs use C# in order to create cross-platform apps, and it is a primary option for the development of Microsoft apps. For video games, you will likely use the Unity engine as almost one-third of the existing games are built in it.