6 Most Downloaded Apps of All Time

Google Play and App Store have been around for quite some time. And there are apps that have been available on those stores for as long as they exist. However, there are some apps that have gained popularity overnight and they were downloaded by millions of users in an instant. But, the fact that these apps still hold the record for being downloaded by the greatest number of users, certainly doesn’t mean they are the best ones in that category. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most downloaded apps of all time. 


With more than 7 billion downloads Facebook is the absolute winner on our list. And it comes as no surprise that this app made it to the top.

Even though the platform was connected to dozens of scandals and questionable practices, it still remains one of the most popular social media networks for people worldwide.

The app itself has changed over the years since the company wanted to remain relevant even for the new generation of users. However, it seems, at least according to one-star ratings, that the app has run its course.


There has hardly been a messaging app that is half as popular as WhatsApp. More than 6,9 billion downloads have placed this app in the second place on our list, but only a few years back it was in the first place. Ever since the app was bought by Facebook, millions and users joined and used this app exclusively for messaging.

However, some recent rumors made millions of users uninstall the app and find another messaging tool. 

Facebook Messenger

When Facebook first decided to separate its Messenger option from the rest of the app, many fans of the app were appalled. Nonetheless, that didn’t stop them to install the Messanger app. With 5,3 billion downloads, Facebook Messanger is another app from the Facebook bunch that makes it an absolute winner when it comes to the number of active users worldwide. 


Are we really surprised that the number 4 on our list is also owned by Facebook? Not really. Instagram has been under Facebook’s ownership since 2012, and even though the app has fewer downloads than Facebook (“only” 3,5 billion), it is way more popular among the younger generation and it also has better ratings. 


TikTok dominance on the social media scene is growing from one day to another. This app seems to speak to the younger generation in every way that the older social media apps don’t. It’s easy to use, it can be both fun and educational, and it inspires creativity. The app allows members to create short videos and share them with everyone. And even though its functionality can seem somewhat simple and not so impressive, TikTok already has over 2,6 billion downloads, with that number growing every day. 

Subway Surfers

Many would expect that the first game on our list would be Candy Crush Saga or even Flappy Bird. But in fact, the first game on the top downloaded apps list is Subway Surfers. This game has nearly 1,5 billion downloads and its popularity doesn’t seem to fade out as time goes by. The goal of the game is to reach the furthest point and make it to the top of the leaderboard.