PC vs Console – Pros and Cons

There are a few categories of gamers. Those who play on PC, those who play on console, and mobile gamers. The reality though is that a lot of people who own a console also have a PC and can play a range of games on it. After all, certain games are just meant to be played on PC or using a mouse and keyboard. That being said, there is a debate that’s been lasting for over a decade whether PC or Console provides a superior gaming experience. Let’s see if today the debate has a winner.

Cheaper Gaming Equipment  

One of the main advantages of consoles is definitely their price. It would take way more money to have a cutting-edge PC for all of the games that are going to be released in the near future. This is actually the main objective of consoles, to allow gamers to enjoy the content by providing them with budget-friendly gaming equipment that can run games the same way as the top-tier PC. 

Moreover, you can use consoles to access streaming services, listen to music, and even check your social media. In reality, the only thing lacking is the mouse and keyboard. Current consoles load just as fast and they have SSD, which means you are basically buying a PC for gaming. The only difference is you can’t use consoles to do the same job you are doing on your PC. 


Game exclusives are one of the main motivators for people to buy consoles. They want to enjoy some of the best games currently available, and they can only do that if they have a specific console. That being said, almost all of the main eSports titles are played on the PC, which kind of makes PCs a better option for those who love competitive gaming. In other words, there is no clear winner when it comes to this criteria. You can argue that PCs have better competitive games, whereas consoles have better single-player titles. 

Gaming Experience

This used to be an argument back in the day that it’s more comfortable to play games on consoles since you can chill on a sofa and use your TV. Nowadays, you can create the same experience with the PC, as joypads are available, and it’s easy to connect your PC to a TV. 

Moreover, if you look at the Xbox series X the games you get with their pass are available on both PC and Xbox. This just shows that even developers are aware of how there are no longer clear-cut distinctions between the two. 


To sum up, there are not many pros and cons between these two when it comes to gaming. Consoles are cheaper and that’s about it. It really boils down to what games you prefer to play and what games your friends are playing. The reality is that people who love to play AAA games buy both PC and consoles. Also, people who play Pokemon and Zelda need to buy Nintendo as well.