About The Phenomenon of Flappy Bird

Whenever we see a new trend in the world of apps, it can be really hard to guess which of these new apps is going to be the next big thing. Developers use new technologies, to include different features into new and existing apps, and it can seem like a sort of race of who will get to a certain feature first and who will include it in the best possible way. However, most developers seem to forget that sometimes the best apps are the simplest ones out there. And the best example of this theory is Flappy Bird.

No one can deny that even Flappy Bird required a professional level of development, a concise idea, as well as a certain marketing strategy. But compared to other apps, this one gained new users on the good old “word-of-mouth” recommendations. 

The app was first published in 2013, but its popularity wasn’t obvious until January of 2014. Unfortunately, the creator behind this app wasn’t prepared for the success that his app achieved, so he decided to take it down. 

The original Flappy Bird application isn’t available for download on any market. But players who haven’t uninstalled the app before it was removed, are still able to play the addictive game. 

Although Dong Nguyen decided to cancel the app, in the brief time that it was present on the app scene Flappy Bird taught us many valuable lessons when it comes to building a successful application. In this article, we’ll examine different reasons why Flappy Bird made it to the top of all charts. 

Anyone Could Play It

The first thing that made Flappy Bird into a hit that it was is the fact that anyone who knew how to tap on their screen could play it. The goal of this endless tapping game was to reach the farthest point and climb your way up to the top of the leaderboard. It meant knowing when to let the bird fall and when to tap to make it fly and avoid all the obstacles. So pretty much anyone was able to do it. The only question was for how long. 

You Always Had Time To Play It

No matter if you were taking a break at work or riding on a bus, Flappy Bird made it seem like there was always time for another round. One of the main features of the game is that it was very quick. So it always seemed like a good option for a short break. What is more, it was the perfect adrenaline booster during that short time, that kept you coming back to break your own personal record. 

No Second Chance

Another thing that made Flappy Bird so addicting is the fact that no matter how far you reached, once you hit that obstacle you are done. And everyone wanted to save that little bird. And hoping to get some satisfaction from reaching the furthest point, the players in fact kept coming back because it was impossible to forget the last time that you let the little bird die.

Therefore, it turned into a never-ending cycle of the players trying to rescue the bird who was doomed to end in the same way that it always does.