Programming Languages Used for Developing Apps

The app market is truly massive and more companies are getting into app development. Apps are either developed to be sold, or used to amass a solid user base, or they are developed for the company’s internal use. Meaning, there is a high demand for people who are proficient app developers. So, if you are looking for a viable career path this just might be it. Here we will go over the programming languages that are used for developing modern mobile and web applications. 


When we talk about Android App Development we need to mention Java as it is the official language for these applications. As a result, this language is used the most in Android Apps.

So, the majority of apps available on Google’s stores are built using Java, mainly because it is supported by Google.

Moreover, developers can get great online support given how the community is very responsive and helpful. 

The only problem is that this is not exactly a beginner-friendly programming language. It is complex and not something you can intuitively figure out on your own.

Additionally, Java’s framework is regularly updated and new features are being added, so with each update, it gets more difficult to master. 


Another popular language for app development, but it cannot walk and talk on its own figuratively speaking. This is because C++ cannot be used independently to create an app, so it is used in conjunction with Android Native Development Kit.

Furthermore, it’s even more difficult compared to Java, and inexperienced developers often create apps that are riddled with bugs. This is another reason why Java is used more frequently, but C++ allows you to add some incredible features to your apps. 


One of the more recent languages that are also in Google’s spotlight and that has been recognized as an official Android language in 2019. It is often used as an alternative to Java because it’s more beginner-friendly. Some features that are available in Java are removed from Kotlin, and the syntax is less complex. So, if you plan to learn Java at some point you can start by developing apps in Kotlin.


Python is another frequently used language for programming, but you need to use different tools in order to convert these apps into Android apps. Python can be used to create software logic and also for object-oriented programing, making it very versatile and reliable.

The problem is that it is once again complex, and even the new versions of Python aren’t exactly similar to older ones. For example, Python 3 doesn’t appear easier for someone who is proficient with Python 2. 


These are some of the most reliable programming languages used in app development today. They aren’t really aimed at beginners, but there are lots of online courses that can help you excel in any of these languages. You can maybe check out the apps you like and see which framework was used in their development to help you decide on the languages you wish to learn first.