PS5 vs Xbox Series X

It’s been more than a year since PS 5 and Xbox Series X were released, and a lot of people are still struggling to get their hands on either of these. However, a lot of gamers still wonder which one out of these two they should go for. So, after some time has passed let’s see whether this consol war has a clear winner.  

Better Hardware 

Although there are no massive differences in specs, Xbox does come on top here which is something we knew even before the console came out. For those that value higher quality hardware this console is a better choice, but it is also slightly more expensive.


In spite of its superior build, Xbox is losing this race when it comes to sales. That being said, Xbox released the S and X series so it’s unlikely many customers bought both of these versions. Playstation 5 on the other hand really dominates the charts not only in relation to Xbox but other consoles like Nintendo as well. 

Exclusive Content

One of the reasons why PS 5 is doing so well is definitely the exclusives. Even now there are lots of titles that are unavailable on Xbox and that players really love, these include Horizon, Bloodborne, and of course God of War. Since consoles are backward compatible, PS5 players can immediately play those games if they owned them on PS 4. 

Better Deals 

The price of games is increasing and they went into the $70 territory, which is pretty expensive compared to a few years ago. Xbox players can get the Xbox pass and basically have access to a massive game library. Moreover, they have access to those same games even on their PC. Compared to Sony’s deal this knocks it out of the park. 

What are Your Friends Playing? 

There is only a small number of games that are cross-platform, so if you wish o play online with your friends you need to pick a console they are already playing on. Statistically, speaking that’s probably PS5. 


So, Xbox has better deals for games, it has better hardware, and you also get to play on your console or PC. By all standards, this should be the winner, and yet it seems that PS 5 is regarded as a better choice. Exclusive content that everyone talks about is worth far more, and most of them are on PS5.